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Professional Development Training

Based on research-based goals, objectives and measurable outcomes for effective service to populations at risk, ED101 and its partners offer customizable professional development trainings that provide the practical knowledge and tools to help you do what you do, even better.

Here's a sample menu of available trainings:
Learning objectives include identifying coercion and punishment commonly used to change behavior; demonstrating the steps and benefits of the Strengthen Relationships, Use Reinforcement, and Pivot tools; demonstrating and describing the value of empathy statements; defining behavior, consequences, reinforcement and the effects of each, as well as Junk Behavior and why it happens. Available in two levels of expertise (basic or practitioner), with competency- or attendance-based certificates for each.
Professional Crisis Management (Restraint System)
PCM is an advanced system of crisis management. Unlike other methods that teach intervention techniques only after individuals have become non-compliant, agitated or aggressive, PCM focuses on prevention before a crisis occurs. PCM includes Crisis Prevention, Crisis De-escalation, Crisis Intervention, and Post-Crisis Intervention components, and utilizes "hands on" competency-based training and written tests to certify the highest level of skill acquisition. 
Educators as First Responders
A comprehensive beginner’s course, relevant for all staff. Learning objectives include threat awareness and the roles and responsibilities of educators; minimizing risk and preparing for incidents; developing an emergency response kit for the classroom; recognizing the warning signs of violent youth and bullies; emergency response procedures for general and specific incidents; proper communication and more.
Custom Trainings, Seminars, Presentations or Workshops
Possible topics include Positive Parenting; Children and Technology; Disability Awareness; Law Enforcement and Disability; Emergency Management and Disability Community Engagement; Grant Writing 101; Education for Reluctant Learners; Independent Learning Skills; and Social Media Marketing Tips and Strategies.

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