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ED101 Engage: Video Discussion Series
ED101, Inc. is proud to present ED101 Engage, a series of interactive video discussions with leading and emerging experts nationwide on key issues in the field of education. Videos will be archived here and on our YouTube channel
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Paul Riccomini, Ph.D. on Response to Intervention (RTI) Programs to Improve Instructional Techniques and Student Achievement
Vol. 2, Episode 4: September 2011
Penn State Associate Professor Dr. Paul J. Riccomini shares his work in developing RTI programs and interventions for K-8 mathematics, and talks about how successful, scientifically valid, evidence-based programs can improve instructional techniques and student achievement across all platforms of learning.

Together To The Future on Issues Affecting People with Disabilities in the Republic of Georgia
Vol. 2, Episode 3: September 2011
Co-founders Giorgi Pirvelashvili and Dato Ediberidze, both disabled natives of this developing country, talk about their important work with Together to the Future to create positive public awareness, adaptive environments and social, vocational and educational opportunities children and adults with disabilities.


Tom Pedroni on Equity, Voucher Reform and Turnaround Models in Public Schools
Vol. 2, Episode 2: September 2011
Based on his research and experience as a teacher in New Orleans, Milwaukee and Detroit, Thomas C. Pedroni, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Oakland University and author of Market Movements: African American Involvement in School Voucher Reform, talks about the issues faced by parents and students in urban public schools.


Dan Habib on Inclusion through PBIS
Vol. 2, Episode 1: September 2011
Father, advocate and award-winning documentary filmmaker Dan Habib of Including Samuel and the I Am Norm campaign talks about his latest project, Education Revolution, due for national release in 2012. This new film focuses on inclusion of students with emotional or behavioral challenges through positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS).

Eric Rowles on Professional Development & Generational Studies
Vol. 1, Episode 4: September 2010
Eric Rowles of Leading to Change, Inc. on new and exciting professional development resources for educators, youth and community workers, including the strong impact of generational studies, music and technology in making positive, lasting connections with each student, client or consumer.
Dr. Michel Miller on Special Education Issues
Vol. 1, Episode 3: September 2010
Dr. Michel Miller, Assistant Professor of Special Education at Drexel University, on the latest special education legislation and how administrators, teachers, parents and community members can help support students with special needs.
Dr. Chris Craft on Educational Technology 
Vol. 1, Episode 2: September 2010
Award-winning educator, researcher and consultant Dr. Chris Craft on effective use of technology in the classroom, Google tools for teachers, avoiding cyber-bullying and EdCamp, a professional development "unconference" for educators. 
The Use of Restraint & Seclusion in Schools
Featuring Dr. Joe Ryan & Dr. Merrill Winston
Vol. 1, Episode 1: April 2010
Dr. Joseph B. Ryan of Clemson University and Dr. Merrill Winston of Professional Crisis Management Association discuss crucial training and regulatory issues surrounding the use of restraints and seclusions in school and residential facility settings. Click here for more about current legislation on this controversial topic, and please let us know what you think!
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