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Afterschool Programs*

ED101, Inc. partners with local churches, community centers, nonprofit youth organizations and others to create and administer afterschool programs designed for elementary and middle school students. Our afterschool model is a tutoring, dropout prevention and behavioral intervention program for potentially at-risk youth in grades 3-8. With a focus on reading, math and behavior management training, ED101 hopes to empower students to reach their fullest potential and encourage them with positive mentor relationships in their own communities.  


  • READING: Grade-level skills are developed using iStation, an interactive online curriculum which integrates subject-area content with strategic reading skills with a focus on phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. Continual online assessment charts individual progress and provides response to intervention instruction (RTI).

  • MATH: Instruction will focus on SC grade-level standards using the Voyager Math system, which raises math scores and knowledge with an active, multi-sensory approach that spotlights basic applied skills, uses a hands-on approach and reinforces knowledge with games, projects and fun. Group and individual activities strengthen rote memorization skills needed for effective recall.  

  • Problem solving, anger management, dealing with peer pressure and goal setting are just a few of the age-appropriate skills taught in the WhyTry behavior management program, currently used in over 5,000 schools nationwide. All sessions are interactive and led by caring youth leaders certified in the WhyTry curriculum.

* Although not a currently active program, ED101 served as supplemental education services (SES) providers with the S.C. Department of Education for several years.