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ED101, Inc. provides advocacy services, training and other support to those serving at-risk populations, primarily (but not limited to) at-risk youth and people with special needs. 

Based in South Carolina since 2007, we have worked with and for strategic partners throughout the Southeastern U.S. Our international work has taken us to Ireland, Hungary, and the Republic of Georgia, among other places.

Our clients include schools and school districts, colleges and universities, government agencies, nonprofits, businesses, community organizations, as well as the parents and caregivers of those in need.

In addition to direct support to individuals and institutions, we also seek out strategic collaborations to help those who help others. Such collaborations  include professional development trainings, grant writing, fund development, marketing services, advocacy, research, assessment, and best-practice program design.

Please contact us with any questions, projects, initiatives or even a "crazy" idea -- and really, there's no such thing. After all, we'll never know how much we can do -- together -- until we try.

Services at a Glance

* Program research, design, evaluation and management
* Curriculum develop-ment and design  (including special education, vocational programs as well as programs for non- traditional students and at-risk youth
* Grant writing

News and Projects

* Open letters from CEO Ted Mauro 
* ED101 projects in the field

ED101, Inc.

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